Margaret is an accomplished actress who is very much at ease behind the microphone and has excellent technical skills. She has a clear, distinctive voice which engages the listener and holds their attention. Margaret is a pleasure to work with and can be relied upon to arrive well prepared, having made intelligent and interesting choices about her character and her performance. I would happily work with Margaret again, and certainly hope to do so.
John Ainsworth, Producer/Script Editor/Director - Audiobooks and Multicast Audio Drama

Firstly thank you for doing this part for us, we had complete confidence in your abilities. After listening to your audio I personally like the direction you went with the voice. I think it is wonderfully talented work and I would love to cast you in more of our stories in the very near future. It is and continues to be an absolute honor working with you Margaret, and thank you again so very much for your excellent work. We will be in touch very soon once we get a bit more into the production of the latter half of the season. Again I am truly thankful for your time and talents, thank you.
Jason R Wilson, creator "The Grey Rooms"

Working with Margaret has been very smooth. She has been quite patient but has also been able to produce good results within a model amount of time. We can't wait to hear her voice in the finalized product. All in all, not only does she have a good work ethic but she also has the talent to be able to nail the roles she auditions for. As far as VA's on here go, you won't regret casting her at all. I didn't.
Fire Emblem7

Beautiful tone, excellent execution of lines, and takes direction extremely well! Margaret Ashley was always very prompt and a pleasure to work with! Would definitely love to work with again!

Of all the 40+ voice actors that I have worked with on Mistletoe, none possess a voice as striking as Margaret Ashley. The moment I heard her audition for Episode 9's Rubella Frederick I knew that she WAS Rubella, I've never heard someone fit the bill as perfectly as Margaret did. As for working with Margaret? An absolute pleasure!
Mistletoe (Fantasy/Drama/Comedy Story) Mistletoe Radio

Margaret provides great recordings in a timely fashion. She's not afraid to provide multiple reads or retakes if needed. If you need a voice actress that takes pride in her work and provide awesome work, look no further.
William Markwalder, fallen-phoenix-radio-series

Working with Margaret is a wonderful experience- Her voice is soothing to listen to, she reads the tone incredibly well, and almost always gives a pitch-perfect delivery. Not to mention, she's incredibly punctual! I can't recommend her enough.
Mr Dent Umineko, Proof of Concept

Margaret Ashley is an absolute pleasure to work with! She has a warm, strong voice and the ability to convey feeling with ease. She delivers quality work on time, and went beyond my expectations as the voice of Alice in the Unfamiliar series. 10/10 would recommend!