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I dubbed Hepzebah Smith

Landlord Smart video: TV commercial

Tyram Lakes video: TV promo

A 15 second radio ad for Solar Blinds UK

Bombay Gin advert

Animation - Beauty and the Beast

Animation - The Little Match Girl

Animation - Lucy and the Frog

Narrative demo

Informative demo

Audiobook - Seven Days to Tell You

Audiobook - The Ship of Brides

Audiobook - Abhorsen

Audiobook - Ancillary Justice

Audiobook - A Blessing in Disguise

Audiobook - The Sweetest Revenge

Audiobook - Patience is a Virtue

E-Learning Virtual Tour Guide

Explainer Video Vodaphone



E-Learning x 2 accents

Telephone on hold

Faculti Clip 1

Telephone demo



Geordie compilation

Angela - Scouse accent

Northern Kate Yorkshire

Ingrid in Doctor Who , BBC/Big Finish Productions

Lydia Stevens from "The Shadow"

Carrie Kipling from "My Boy Jack"

Carrie Kipling from "My Boy Jack" (2)

Narrator of Final Fantasy

Diabetes meter

Papilloma virus

Atrial fibrillation