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I dubbed Hepzebah Smith

Landlord Smart video: TV commercial

Tyram Lakes video: TV promo

A 15 second radio ad for Solar Blinds UK

Bombay Gin advert

Animation - Beauty and the Beast

Animation - The Little Match Girl

Animation - Lucy and the Frog

Narrative demo

Audiobook - A Blessing in Disguise

Audiobook - The Sweetest Revenge

Audiobook - Patience is a Virtue

E-Learning Virtual Tour Guide

Explainer Video Vodaphone


Telephone on hold

Faculti Clip 1



Geordie compilation

Angela - Scouse accent

Northern Kate Yorkshire

Lydia Stevens from "The Shadow"

Carrie Kipling from "My Boy Jack"

Carrie Kipling from "My Boy Jack" (2)

Narrator of Final Fantasy