British voiceover with a reassuring, rich, real voice for all your recording needs.

Margaret Ashley


With my voice I help brands of all sizes to resonate with their customers.

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Medical e-learning:

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About me

Let me tell you a bit about me and how I became a Voice Actor.

Born in Newcastle, I was a storyteller from a young age, even though I was brought up little girls should be seen and not heard, clearly I didn’t agree!

I did a Drama Degree at Manchester Poly School of Theatre, was entered for the BBC Radio Carlton Hobson Award. just as well I knew how to use a microphone, as 2 different audio producers saw me acting in my first theatre job and introduced me to the world of radio ads, These were played on the new Metro Radio, I became the female voice over of the North East.

I moved to London to follow my acting dream and eventually set up my own recording studio where I now record for clients around the globe

As a British female voice over artist my voice has been heard on radio and television ads, audio dramas including Doctor Who, video games, apps, podcasts, corporate videos, e-learning, video games, audio guides and audio books.

Most of my work is delivered in

  • RP (received pronunciation) or BBC English
  • Neutral American
  • Native Geordie
  • Yorkshire
  • General Northern
  • Liverpudlian (Scouse)

My voice has been described as

  • warm,
  • authoritative,
  • evocative,
  • mellow,
  • articulate,
  • conversational,
  • friendly,
  • believable,
  • honest.
Margaret Ashley

  2019 nominee for Best Female Voice.

Margaret Ashley

2018 nominee for:
Animation and Games : Best Character Performance (Female)
Radio-Drama : Best Performance (Female)
Television-Documentary : Best Performance (Female)

In my studio I have high-quality professional equipment:

  • Neumann TLM-103 studio condenser microphone.
  • Auphonixs 6" double mesh pop filter.
  • Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2-in/2-out USB audio interface.
  • Beyerdynamic DT100 headphones.
  • Studio One Artist software.
  • Audacity software.

Contact me if you would like me to record something for you. I normally self-direct which allows for a fast turnaround, but I’m available for directed recording sessions from my broadcast quality studio via

  • Clean Feed
  • Skype
  • SourceConnect Now
  • Bodalgocall
  • and of course by phone.
Margaret Ashley


Here is feedback from some of my clients:

Beautiful tone, excellent execution of lines, and takes direction extremely well! Margaret Ashley was always very prompt and a pleasure to work with! Would definitely love to work with again!

Margaret gave a standout performance as Dawn, successfully conveying the character’s political conviction, and the pathos of her tragic story. She was a pleasure to work with, being communicative and efficiently sending crisp and clear recordings.
Andrew Davis, Head Writer, Twelfth Doctor Adventures (Doctor Who fan audio)

Margaret recorded a short story for us. She was personable, timely and delivered us a heartfelt, intuitive reading, that gave the story the gravitas it needed. We feel very lucky to have found her and would definitely recommend her.
Firefly in a Jar Storycast June 2020

It is and continues to be an absolute honor working with you Margaret, and thank you again so very much for your excellent work. We will be in touch very soon once we get a bit more into the production of the latter half of the season. Again I am truly thankful for your time and talents, thank you.
Jason R Wilson, creator "The Grey Rooms"

Re: Margaret Ashley as Agatha Hughes in The Witch of Rockwood Cove.
Really captured the essence of the small-town neighbour who likes to stay up to date on all the local gossip, but she also added a level of compassion, fear, and love to the role that brought Agatha to life. Margaret was an absolute professional. She was a pleasure to collaborate with.
Jackie Jorgenson, Writer/Producer, Shared Manifest Entertainment

Just sending along the finalised copy of Lantern Men for you - I think you gave a really lovely read. Client was very happy!
James (Maple Street Creative)

Margaret is an accomplished actress who is very much at ease behind the microphone and has excellent technical skills. She has a clear, distinctive voice which engages the listener and holds their attention. Margaret is a pleasure to work with and can be relied upon to arrive well prepared, having made intelligent and interesting choices about her character and her performance. I would happily work with Margaret again, and certainly hope to do so.
John Ainsworth, Producer/Script Editor/Director - Audiobooks and Multicast Audio Drama

Of all the 40+ voice actors that I have worked with on Mistletoe, none possess a voice as striking as Margaret Ashley. The moment I heard her audition for Episode 9's Rubella Frederick I knew that she WAS Rubella, I've never heard someone fit the bill as perfectly as Margaret did. As for working with Margaret? An absolute pleasure!
Mistletoe (Fantasy/Drama/Comedy Story) Mistletoe Radio

Contact me:

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